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VIRTINS Multi-Instrument v3.2

Год выпуска: 2009
Версия: 3.2
Разработчик: Virtins Technology
Платформа: Windows
Совместимость с Vista: полная
Системные требования: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/VISTA/7, 32 или 64 bit, разрешение экрана 1024 или выше.
Язык интерфейса: Многоязычный, включая русский
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Программа, превращающая ваш ПК в электронный прибор для исследования и генерации различных сигналов с помощью звуковой карты. Программа состоит из нескольких компонентов:
• 2-х канальный электронный осциллограф, способный работать в реальном времени.
• Анализатор спектра сигналов.
• Генератор сигналов. Предлагает большой набор функций сигналов, случайные сигналы, белый шум, розовый шум, качающиеся частоты и т.д.
• Дата-логгер.
• Мультиметр.
и др (см доп. инф-цию).

Major Functions:
•1 Oscilloscope: Dual-trace waveform, Waveform addition, subtraction & multiplication, Lissajous Pattern, signal recording. Various digital filters are supported.
•2 Spectrum Analyzer: Amplitude spectrum, octave analysis (1/1,1/3,1/6,1/12,1/24, 1/48, 1/96), frequency compensation, frequency weighting (A,B,C,ITU-R 468), peak hold, averaging, measurement of THD, THD+N, SNR, SINAD, Noise Level, IMD, Bandwidth and Crosstalk, phase spectrum, auto correlation function, cross correlation function, coherence function, transfer function (Bode plot), impulse response. Support 55 window functions and window overlap.
•3 Signal Generator: Function/Multitone/Arbitrary waveform/Burst/MLS/DTMF/Musical Scales/White Noise/Pink Noise generation. Frequency/amplitude sweep.
•4 Multimeter: Voltmeter, sound pressure level meter(dB, dBA, dBB, dBC), frequency counter, RPM meter, counter, duty cycle meter, F/V converter, cycle mean, cycle RMS, vibrometer.
•5 Spectrum 3D Plot: It is used to trace the spectrum variation with time. Two types of plots are provided: waterfall and spectrogram.
•6 Data Logger: It provides long time data logging function for 129 derived variables, including RMS value, Peak Frequency, Sound Pressure Level, RPM, THD, etc. Up to eight data logger windows can be opened and each window can trace up to 8 variables. The logged data files can be reloaded into the data logger for review.
•7 LCR meter: It is used to measure the value of an inductor, a capacitor or a resistor, or the impedance of a network of them.
•8 Device Test Plan: Device Test Plan provides a mechanism for you to configure and conduct your own device test steps. It takes the advantage of the sound card's (or other ADC/DAC card's) capability of simultaneous input & output, to generate a stimulus to the Device Under Test (DUT) and acquire the response from that device at the same time. Different stimuli can be generated and the response can be analyzed in different ways.
Major Features:
•1 Oscilloscope
- Digital Oscilloscope
- Transient Recorder
- Data Recorder
- Voltmeter
- Lissajous Plot
- Digital Filter
•2 Spectrum Analyzer
- Amplitude Spectrum Analyzer
- Power Spectrum Analyzer
- Real Time Analyzer
- Octave Analyzer
- Phase Spectrum Analyzer
- Correlation Analyzer
- Freq. Response Measurement
- Distortion Analyzer
- Noise Analyzer
- Harmonics Analyzer
- Dynamic Signal Analyzer
- Coherence Measurement
- Transfer Function Measurement
- Impulse Response Measurement
•3 Signal Generator
- Function Generator
- Arbitrary Generator
- Burst Generator
- White Noise Generator
- Pink Noise Generator
- MultiTone Generator
- MLS Generator
- Musical Scale Generator
- DTMF Generator
- Frequency Sweep
- Amplitude Sweep
- Fade In/Fade Out
• 4 Spectrum 3D Plot
- Waterfall Plot
- Spectrogram
• 5 Data Logger
- 8×8 Parameter Logger
- 145 Derived Data Points
• 6 Device Test Plan
- User Defined Plan
- 8 X-Y Plots
- 1 Test Report
• 7 LCR Meter
- Inductor Meter
- Capacitor Meter
- Resistor Meter
- Impedance Meter
• 8 DDP Viewer
- Display Derived Data Points
- HH, H, L, LL Alarming
- Multimeter
- Voltmeter, SPL Meter, Frequency Counter, RPM Meter, Counter,
- Duty Cycle Meter, F/V Meter, Vibrometer
• 9 Software Customization & Redevelopment
- Most Flexible User Configurable Features
- ActiveX Automation Supported
- vtDAQ and vtDAO Interfaces Opened

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