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Explosive Chemistry

Продолжительность: 00:19:32

A chemistry professor with a thing for shoes and feet is in a vulnerable position when his students are as fetching as the Hungarian Denise in the red heels and the Romanian Aida Sweet in the pink. See what we mean as Professor Neeo succumbs to his passion with two playful girls.

Their test scores are forgotten as they vamp Neeo with their pretty footwear, and he gets on his knees to suck Aida’s stilettos. When the shoes come off, he inhales their aroma deeply.

Denise takes off her pumps too, and soon Neeo is feasting his mouth on their peds through the lacy stockings. Of course, girls need to suck on something themselves, and Neeo’s shaft comes in handy as Aida slurps the tip before shifting to savor Denise’s feet.

It really is an explosive chemistry of foot and crotch elements here as Neeo moves from worshipping their feet to chowing down on Aida’s clam. Soon enough he’s banging the girls too, his desires obviously not limited to feet.

But it’s to feet he returns when the ladies take off their stockings and present their bare toes to him, and the girls of course can’t resist sucking each other’s digits.

It all ends in a fine creaming as the students engulf their prof’s tool with their agile soles in this foot worship epic!

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